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Company Brief Introduction


Founded in 1986, Everbes Play International began as a family owned enterprise providing Porcelain manufacture. Experiencing over 25 years development, Everbest now owns business covering various industry, including, machinery manufacturing, electronic, playground and international trade.

Our company name is changed as Wingroc Play Co., Ltd in year 2017, at the beginning of next year our manufacturing base has been moved to Jiangsu province due to strategic development. We have been manufacturing and perfecting Park and Playground products in Eastern China since 2003. At Everbest we believe, nothing is more important valuable than health, and nothing is more valuable than play.



We passionately promoting the playground industry by creating innovative and inspiring play spaces that providing social and physical inclusion for people of all abilities on the playground, which helps to build healthy lifestyles, encourages imaginative play, and promote physical, cognitive, emotional & cultural development.

Our products covering a large number of varieties, a complete line both indoor and outdoor playground, range from playground, outdoor fitness equipment, swing set, plastic toys, children plastic toys, preschool  tables & chairs, as well as site furnishings and safe surface, all these provide you a complete amusement park and diversify your choice.



Promote a healthier, more active lifestyle for all ages, we are moving forward every day.