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Quality & Safety
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Wingroc playground & Fitness equipment is designed and built with confidence and backed by a Warranty that reflects the superior quality of our products!

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1.Extra Thick Powder Coatings

Wingroc Playground Equipment is designed and built with confidence. We double coat all steel and aluminum components for an average coating thickness of 11 mils. This ensures a long lasting lustrous finish that will stand the test of time and play, even in the most demanding environments that commercial playground equipment is subjected to.


2.State-of-the-Art Clamp System

Our Clamp mounting and clamping system utilizes super- strong precision die-cast aluminum components and reduces or eliminates clamp stacking by allowing the attachment of multiple components on a single collar.

3. Advanced Plastic Components

Color-compounded resins and manufacturing expertise ensure greater strength and durability, superior color-fastness and U.V. resistance in all of our rotationally molded plastic products and components.

4. Stainless Steel Hardware
Wingroc provides one of the largest and most innovative selections of custom hardware and backs up every last stainless-steel bolt with a lifetime warranty!

5. Skillful Carbon-dioxide Arc Welding

 At Wingroc, over 90% of our welders own more than 15 years' professional welding experience, which made them extremely skillful at work, and provide you good quality welding products.

6. Anti-rust Process

At Wingroc we only use double Hot Dip Zinc Steel Tubes for manufacturing of outdoor Fitness Equipment & payground, also every welding crater will be covered with galvanization  paint, which adequately protest the finish products from rust, and will significantly improve lifespan of all our available products.

7. Precision Die-Cast Aluminum Components

Wingroc Applies with more and more precision die-cast aluminum components in our playground equipment. Die-cast aluminum components offer a combination of versatility, strength and durability for years of trouble- free play. All aluminum components receive the same high quality finish as described below.

8. Superior Fit & Finish

Our steel components are precision welded; hand-cleaned, sandblasted, phosphate washed and sealed thoroughly in a multi-stage bath, then powder-coated using our exclusive two-coat process. This yields an average powder- coat thickness of 11 mils and gives our steel components a lustrous beautiful sheen and a highly durable finish.

When you play or exercise on a Wingroc equipment, you get nothing but the best. We believe the best means less need for maintenance, more confidence in our safeguards for users, and having more fun & exercise when it comes to your new park or community.Here's why we stand firmly behind the quality of our products:

a. Steel clamps and tamper-resistant stainless steel hardware

b. Plastics with UV stabilizer and built-in anti-static guard
c. Epoxy Primer – our exclusive, additional layer of protection also provides superior paint adhesion. 

Our goal is to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the equipment that we design and manufacture.