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 Park Cardio Workout Exercise Equipment

Monday March 21, 2022

Cardiovascular exercise is any kind of vigorous activity that increases heart rate and breathing, increasing oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, while using the body's large muscle groups repetitively and rhythmically.

As a matter of fact, the heart becomes more efficient with each beat because it pumps oxygen-carrying blood, the lungs absorb oxygen more efficiently, and the muscles are more capable of using more oxygen. Still, as the breathing and heart rate increase, the fluctuations shouldn't be so great that you feel like you need to stop and rest. During aerobic exercise such as speed walking, cycling, swimming, running or speed climbing, if you have a strong urge to stop and rest, unusual pain, or worrisome symptoms, you must stop immediately and seek medical attention.

But for an exercise to be considered aerobic, it must raise your heart rate and breathing rate to a moderate to vigorous intensity level (at least 50% of normal) for at least 10 minutes. This is why activities performed to improve strength, such as resistance exercise, use of weight machines, weight lifting, and core exercises, are not considered cardio because they do not raise heart rate throughout the duration of the exercise.

The Main Health Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Great for Weight Loss. ...

Strengthens Your Heart. ...

Reduces the Risk of Several Diseases. ...

Improves Lung Capacity. ...

Naturally Boosts Energy. ...

Great for Mental Health. ...

Better Sleep. ...

Helps the Immune System.

Those Elements are Necessary to Build the Public Exercise Park for Elderly and Adults

Monday February 21, 2022

Normally In exercise parks we can find various elements which we can perform a variety of exercises during our open-air gyms training.  There a good option is to take advantage of the benefits of differenoutdoor fitness equipment, e.g. balance, coordination, strength, elasticity or agility, where you can exercise various body parts by using each different machine or gymnastics equipmentBy training in these parks, we could avoid sedentary lifestyle. They are also a great place to promote social relationships, share concerns and meet people with common hobbies. In addition, exercising allows you to enjoy you leisure time with health and, at the same time, helps to maintain personal autonomy and independence and, therefore, to improve the quality of your life.  

We can easily classify them into 4 groups :

1.  Warm-up Equipment


2.  Coordination Movement 


3.  Exercise Equipment

4.  Relaxation Equipment

Benefits of Exercise on Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Friday June 5, 2020

Fitness has been more and more popular in today’s society. Among young people, many believe what they could have from daily fitness is not only strong body, but also a perfect body shape. However, the elderly merely aim to enhance their own physical fitness so that each of their joints does not age so quickly, also to improve their resistance and immunity so that the body can be maintained in a healthier state.

But what are the benefits for the exercise on outdoor gym equipment?

1.     Body shape improvement

The basic function of fitness is to change body shape. Through fitness you could designedly make each part of your body increase or decrease, and effectively change its shape to achieve a beautiful shape, all this process is under your control. Many young men and women are high on bodybuilding, as long as they persevere in aerobics and gymnastics, and enhanec balance and coordination exercise on outdoor fitness equipment, they will find the change of their body in a short time.

2.     Brain health improvement

All aerobic exercise may improve your brain health, and bouncing exercise is particularly helpful for your brain health improvement. The exercise on outdoor fitness equipment could promote blood circulation, supply sufficient energy to your brain, and more importantly, it plays the role of meridian activating, brain invigorating and warming the heart, finally improving the ability of thinking & imagination.

3.     Anti-aging

The best choice for anti-aging exercise on outdoor fitness equipment would be

If you want to make anti-aging exercise on outdoor fitness equipment, it is better to work on outdoor gym equipment of treadmill, elliptical cross trainer, or air walker. It ha been shown that as long as you persist in running and fitness, you can mobilize the enthusiasm of antioxidant enzymes in your body and keep your hormone secretion at a relatively high level, thereby achieving the effect of delaying aging.

4.     Overall health

Comparing with ordinary sports, body building provides more positive impact on stimulating the human body's flesh, bones, blood circulation system, respiratory system and endocrine system, and it is a better methods for improving the health of the human body.

5.     Energetic and confident

With a stronger body, people become energetic and show the best mental state at any time. After your body exercise, you may find you have a kind of strength, self-confidence, as well as a kind of courage to meet the challenge. And other people’s eye-catching vision will also make you emotional, excited and enthusiastic to doing your daily work.

8 Benefits of Skipping Rope – Enjoy It At Home or Outdoor Park Safely

Wednesday May 27, 2020

I believe that because of the coronavirus global epidemic, everyone has not been to the gym for a long time, and we don’t go to crowded public places anymore. We have been boring homebody who would love to feast our family every day, and our weight is raising a lot. According to report from WHO, comparing with healthy people, overweight or obese people are more likely to be inflected with COVID-19 virus.

There are many advanced exercise, but during this special period, here we recommend that you buy a skipping rope, and enjoy this one stop solution for your healthy. Some fitness experts particularly admire rope skipping as it may bring many benefits to your body.

Continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes is equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging or 20 minutes of fitness dance. It can be said that it takes less time but consumes more energy and burns more calories. It is an effective aerobic exercise for weight loss and fat loss. It is simple and easy. There are many kinds of skipping ropes exercises, can be simple or complex way. You can do it at any time, and what you need are just a rope and a flat ground.

Benefits of Skipping Rope

Promote heart health

Improve pulmonary function

Enhance coordination for upper and lower arms, limbs, and waist

Burn calories

Improve mental health

Promote metabolism

Relax your joints

Prevent various diseases

Type of Skipping Ropes

1.     Plastic Rope: it is low in price, is sturdy and not easy to knot, it is cost effective but too light, only suitable for beginners;

2.    Cotton Rope: it is neither too hard not too soft, neither too heavy nor too light, and it will not hurt you even if you hit yourself. However, it is usually slow to jump with a cotton rope, which is more suitable for  beginners and elderly people;

3.     Bamboo Rope: The handle is long enough for figure rope skipping. The rope will not be intertwined, it has a certain weight and is more durable;

4.     Wire Rope: With short handle, the rope is thin; it turns fast, but is easy to break down. It is more suitable for professional exerciser;

5.     Nylon Rope: it is sturdy and light, but not easy to grasp the feel when shaking; it is suitable for single person but not multiple people;

6.     Rubber Rope: it is sturdy but hard wearing; it is heavy, and hard to swing. It is easy to trip your own feet with rubber rope during jumping, so the rubber rope is more suitable for people with good rope skipping skills.

How to Start Skipping Rope

1.     Adjust the length of your rope;

2.     Hold the handles at both ends of rope in each hand, keeping your elbows close to both sides with hands at waist height, holding the rope freely & loosely;

3.     Step in the front but in the middle of the rope, Keeping your knees, ankles and hips soft;

4.     swing the rope using your wrists and forearms from the back to the front;

5.     Jump as the rope reaches your feet, Keeping your legs straight;

6.     Land ball of your feet softly on the ground but don't put you hells down;

7.     Keep turning the rope then jump and repeat;

8.     Increase the intensity and duration when you feel comfortable.


1.     Warm-up your body for at least 10 minutes before jumping rope.

2.     Make sure to take break around one minute per each 60 to 100 jumps for beginner, and one minute per 200 to 250 jumps for the one with good rope skipping skills

3.     Try Work within maximum of your heart rate (220 minus your age), this will be beneficial for your fat loss and calories burn, but you need to increase the skipping speed.


Skipping Rope is a nice exercise, you may also take an extra exercise on the outdoor fitness equipment before or after your skipping rope, and some outdoor gym equipment can also help you warm-up or stretch.

How to Find and Work with Chinese Outdoor Equipment Supplier

                                                                                                                                ——6 tips to identify qualified sales of international supplier

Monday May 25, 2020

There is no denying that nowadays when global economy becomes more and more integrative, the design of Chinese outdoor fitness equipment has been more and more similar and standard, and product homogenization is very serious. In the process of selection outdoor fitness equipment or playground suppliers, In addition to considering price, quality & safety, delivery, service, social responsibility,convenience/simplicity, risk, agility, we should also pay attention to the quality of the salesman in this company.

1.Salesmen are professional at the products they are selling

Normally salesmen play an extremely important role in the whole trading process. But if they are not professional at the outdoor fitness equipment or playground items, it will be a big risk, and sometimes will be disaster once you deal with this company. You may find he or she doesn’t understand exactly what you are discussing about the components, the drawing, or even what you are request, which will waste plenty of time for communication.

2. The salesman's language ability 

Language is mainly for communication, that’s true. However, imagine one day a new salesperson who communicates with you doesn't understand your language or seems to understand, do you really think you dare to buy playground or outdoor gym equipment from his or her company? We are not asking salespersons to be able to communicate with us like their mother tongue; basically they have to be able to communicate without barriers. This is the basic condition for business communication, and only in this way we can achieve effective information transmission between both sides, so as to avoid unnecessary problems.

3. Salesmen's attitude towards their work.

Normally everybody would like to communicate with an efficient salesman, but most of the time not everyone you are speaking to is so efficient. Suppose you have one tender project for bidding in around 2 days, but you don’t get what you are requesting until the third day, what will happen?

4. Salesmen's ability responding to emergency or salesman’s coordination ability in dealing with problems.  

Obviously, there is over six-hour time difference between China & Europe, and the time difference between China & American countries is even over 12-hour, most of the time it is hard for buyers to get the timely news what is happening in the factory. Every time at this moment, for all the customers, the salesman is particularly important.

5. The salesman is honest & so reliable.

Honesty is the most basic and most precious wealth in our lives. However, some time you may find the salesman you are speaking to is not so reliable, or not so trustful, especially when we have problems or complain. Probably what we hear or what we see is not what the salesman really thinks in their deep heart, but it is really dangerous if we continue to do business with his or her company.

6. Salesmen are  passionate for customers and for the product are they are selling 

A good salesman should bepositive and optimistic about life, be passionate about his or her work, and would like to meet challenges. When you work with a passionate salesman, you can easily build a tacit partnership, they may also be important sources of information, helping you evaluate the potential of new products, track competitors’ action, as well as identify promising opportunities; they may also become your partner someday, helping you cut your costs, improve items design and sometimes even fund new marketing effort, which will maintain a long-lasting cooperation and grow both of your business timely.

The Origin of Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer - One of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Friday, May 22, 2020

There is a girl called Precor who is fond of tennis in the town of Detroit, but her leg was unfortunately injured during sport training. The doctor said that if she could not recover well, maybe she was not able to play tennis anymore. Precor watched her teammates running on the court every day, but she could only sit and recuperate and could not play, she was very sad and more afraid that she might never play in the future. What happened all deeply hurt his father’s heart, as a mechanical engineer, her father began to wonder whether there was a device to help his daughter recover as soon as possible and then she could return to the court.

He watched the video of Precor’s movement during sport repeatedly, and found that when she was walking and running, the two legs were actually alternately moving according to the ellipse trajectory. If the device's movement trajectory could be designed to be the same as ellipse’s, then it could help people complete the normal movements and recover the leg’s function as soon as possible, and her daughter could be back to the court and run again.


Based on this idea, the loving father finally drew the design drawing of the worlds’ first elliptical fitness cross trainer machine, and then visited several equipment manufacturers to consult whether this machine could be produced; however, everyone has never seen this kind of equipment before, all believes this father was a whim and this equipment can never be used.Finally, Precor found this business opportunity, and worked with her engineer father to produce the world's first elliptical fitness cross trainer, so that in the United States, the name of the elliptical fitness cross trainer was Precor for a long time.

No matter this story is true or not, the truth is PRECOR has been the world's top high-end fitness equipment and service provider, and become the world's most popular elliptical cross trainer. The exercise on elliptical fitness cross trainer is a very good way of aerobic exercise, and elliptical cross trainer, as well as all the outdoor fitness equipment in your park, in your community or in the fitness path, all are very helpful to make our daily exercise and improve our health & immunity under the current coronavirus(COVID-19) global epidemic. 

Let’s get out, and have exercise with outdoor fitness equipment every day.

How to use outdoor fitness equipment correctly & properly to avoid injury?

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Is there outdoor fitness equipment in your community, in the park or in the fitness path near your home?Do you know how to use the outdoor gym equipment correctly & properly to avoid injury? Here you may find something you should pay attention to during using the outdoor exercise equipment, as well as the mistakes that made by many people.

Generally speaking, people of any age can use outdoor fitness equipment, baby or disable person must follow the instruction. However, if you have just had surgery or got injury (such as a fracture or sprain), you should first consult your doctor or physical therapist, and get confirm when exactly you can start your fitness, type of exercise that suits you, as well as how much exercise you could attempt.

In addition, if you have following diseases or in case of following conditions, you should also ask your doctor about 

which type sports you are suitable for:

People with Chronic diseases, especially those with heart and respiratory diseases;

Those with Arthralgia;

People with severe disability or physical dysfunction, e.g. those with paralysis or with impaired physical function after stroke;

People who are with immunodeficiency or the one must take immunosuppressants every day.

gimnasio al aire libre

What positive impact will happen to your body if you have regular exercise on the outdoor fitness equipment?

1. Maintain or improve muscle strength and muscle mass;

2. Strengthen both muscle and cardiovascular endurance. If you have had exercise regularly, you will find that you do not feel pain somewhere in your body or get tired so quickly during walking  

3. Promote joint flexibility;

4. The Increase of exercise is very helpful to reduce the risk of falls, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, as well as osteoporosis;

5. Having physical exercise with outdoor fitness equipment can promote communication with neighbors and strangers.

There are 2 mistakes that people normally make during physical exercise on the outdoor fitness equipment

1. Excessive exercise, over exercise will normally result in muscle soreness or overwork injury

2. Do not follow the instruction correctly during physical exercise on the outdoor gym equipment or move it too fast, which will easily get soft tissue injured

outdoor fitness equipment

During exercise on the machine of lat pull down, the waist should be relaxed, and it's the scapula that put forth strength to promote the movement.

If you exercise on the machine of elliptical trainer, It is of necessity to keep your upper body straight and both feet on the pedals, in this way to avoid back injuries; and you must pay attention to the moving distance between two legs when you make exercise on the air walker, If it is too far away, you will easily get your buttocks or thigh muscles hurt.

In summary, based on different ages, health conditions, or athletic abilities, the frequency and intensity of exercise should be adjusted accordingly; it is necessary to move step by step, and increase repeats of movements or strength resistance gradually. The elderly with lower exercise intensity should stop and rest from time to time during exercise.

outdoor gym equipment

Our Chinese people is superstitious about walking 100, 00 steps every day

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Nowadays, more and more people begin to focus on fitness.

Some people are troubled by obesity, some people want to change their sub-healthy life state, and some people may be merely like sports. However, in our daily life, we rarely have a fixed time to go to gymnasium to take a course to do sports. Some people even think that doing a lot of sports in the gym at one time will hurt their body. Thus, how to use the least time to achieve the 

Maximum fitness effect in their ordinary life has become a question that many people are normally asking. But we still have various questions during the process of fitness:

No more weight gains no matter how much you have for breakfast

I'm taking running every day, why don't have change for my weight?

Will a thin person healthier than a fat one?

Is it real that the more exercise you taken, the better it will be for your body...

The truth is: 

Jogging, brisk walking, a well as low-intensity aerobic exercise, is actually not too much helpful for people to lose weight. It is more likely a psychic comfort to this exerciser, but has significant impact on our health;

Although low-intensity aerobic exercise has little effect on weight loss, it can reduce the fat content in our blood and make our body healthier;

It is hard to finish the magic number of 100, 00 step a day if you are focus on your daily work but you don't have to take work too much during your work;

Your knees will be gradually wear down if you take a long time walking every day, on the contrary, The more running you take, the more wear resistance the knee will be, and you will be healthier.