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Why Wingroc
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Why choose Wingroc Play

1. At Wingroc we take every effort to make sure that your outdoor fitness equipment or playgroud is as durable as possible.

2. Wingroc starts up outdoor gym equipment, commercial playground, as well as business service by applying with the 

highest quality certified raw material, which ensures optimum products for all the playground and outdoor fitness area or your parks.

3. Over 15 years’ manufacturing experience & over 12 years’ ODM and OEM experience for leading brands.

4. Innovative design integrating safety, quality, aesthetics, healthy and limited play values.

5. Quality equipments with competitive price.

6. Wingroc provides extra thick powder coatings for all steel and aluminum components.

7. State of the art manufacturing plant, production facility, test equipment & highly skilled technicians.

8. Wingroc apply with only tamperproof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware for manufacturing all the equipments.

9. Wingroc offers one of the largest and most innovative selections of custom hardware and backs up every last stainless-steel 

bolt with a lifetime warranty!

10. Professional consults and service will be provided by Wingroc members since the date of your purchase.