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Our Promise
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1. Free consultation, design & Quotation

Wingroc is working to provide you free consultation to assist with your Exercise Park & Playground Site Planning & Evaluation; also we will give you free design, including creative and thematic playground design. At Wingroc, you may also get in house CAD drawings or 3D renderings for free in case of any business agreement finish.

2. Premium Quality products with low maintenance

Are you looking for outdoor playground or fitness equipment with reliable quality, easy installation and little maintenance? You may come to visit us. At Wingroct, we are commit to provide premium high quality, but competitive cost product. To increase the safety and maximize the lifespan of your playing or sport equipment, together we may give you some tips.

3. Free consultation for installation & maintenance

Any time you have Wingroc’s equipment in hand, you can own official installation & maintenance manual with equipment package. Furthermore, Wingroc service team will reply you at our first time for any of your question.

4. Value-add service for sourcing

Wingroc is located at Chinese Plastic Toys Industry Chain Center, where gather a full range of supplying resources. Anything you need but not exists in Wingroc, we may help you source, pack them together and provide you a complete package.



Whether your project is large or small, we will help you find Products that will optimize your budget and add value to your outdoor space.