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Park Concepts
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Concepts 1

Awareness & Growth
Play is a safe way to explore and embrace all aspects of our Self, the light and the dark. Instead of judging them, we celebrate them as part of our inherent wholeness. We see that the light is needed just as much as the dark. Like a painting, the contrast between the two is necessary to create the depth and beauty within each of us.

Concepts 2

Curiosity & Wonder
So, did curiosity really kill the cat? Or did we kill curiosity? Despite this myth, curiosity lives within all of us. As children we are very curious seeing everything with innocence and fresh eyes. Play reconnects us to the humility, joy and wonder of not knowing, where we discover more possibilities in the question than the answer. In the process we discover a world within each of us that is both unbounded and inspiring.

Concepts 3

Connection & Equality
When we play we connect with our spirit and feel a part of something much bigger than our individual Self. We feel Life’s presence and possibilities surrounding us, and our interconnection with humanity as a whole. Play is the great equalizer. When everyone plays fully, all roles and hierarchies dissolve. We see each other more clearly and realize we are more alike than we’ll ever know.

Concepts 4

Joy & Fun
Joy is the essence of who we are. Even if we have forgotten, joy is still there within all of us. Play is a safe and simple way we can return to our joyful Self and celebrate it with the world. When we fully express our joyful Self we have the most fun!